Virtual St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews Cathedral may be a ruined monument, but 700 years ago it was a magnificent building. Today you can explore the reconstructed Cathedral as it was in its prime.

We would love to take you back in time with us.


Events showcasing the reconstruction have included an exhibition in Sensation, The Dundee Science Centre. Over three days hundreds of people interacted with the virtual reconstruction. Embedding the reconstruction of the Cathedral within a virtual world has made a new perspective on Scottish history accessible across the generations.

Many expressed a desire to follow up the experience through visiting the existing cathedral monument or by connecting to the Cathedral model from home and exploring it in more detail. This site is a direct response to these requests.


The pages allow you to create a new Avatar and experience the virtual reconstruction. Details added at registration can beupdated at any time, and the start page offers some useful information relating to virtual world viewers, the software application you will need to enable you to view the reconstructed Cathedral.

Historic Scotland

Planning to visit the remains of Scotland's most magnificent church? Historic Scotland has excellent learning & resources for individuals or educational groups.

Virtual Worlds Blog

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Funding Acknowledgements

St Andrews 600 Committee, St Andrews Community Trust, CAPOD, SiCSA, ESPRC and Higher Education Academy.